The Galapagos In Pictures – Part 1

The Galapagos Islands are too pretty not to share some more photos from my recent trip. You’ll find more animal photos as well as a guide on how to book your trip in a couple of recent posts.

I’m not a professional but I love taking photos and I am trying to improve my skills – any tips welcomed! All photos taken on a Canon SX610 – a pretty decent compact digital!


A baby Galapagos Giant Tortoise at the Breeding Centre – Isabela Island


A Sea Turtle swimming


Flamingos – Isabela Island


A posse of Pelicans


An adorably chubby baby Sea Lion


Nazca Boobies and their chick – Genovesa Island


Pinnacle Rock, Bartolomé Island


A Sally Lightfoot Crab


A whole team of sunbathing Marine Iguanas


Beautiful mix of colour in with the volcanic rocks


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