A Guide to East London Markets

One of the cheapest (could be free) and nicest things to do on a weekend in London is to visit one of its many markets. Whether you're a local looking for some decent sausages, a bunch of flowers and a new spot to meet friends or a tourist looking to see what London is really … Continue reading A Guide to East London Markets

Walking The Line of Piracy

The imaginary line which divides our planet in half is between our two poles, is approximately 40,075km long (some 78% of which is ocean), passes through 11 countries and is represented as 0°0'N. Facts galore. But is visiting the equator fun? Yes... yes it is! Ecuador is one of the 11 countries which straddles the … Continue reading Walking The Line of Piracy

You’re a Wizard, Harry

Since it was World Book Day it struck me as a perfect opportunity to tell you about the time I visited Harry Potter World! The one in London that is... If you're from across the pond you might want to check out 9 ¾ Things To Do in Harry Potter World Orlando. Anyone who knows me … Continue reading You’re a Wizard, Harry