Visiting Caleta Tortel – Politics on Stilts

"You know he's the Mayor, don't you?" whispered my new friend/translator, Francis, across the table. I was sitting in the living room of my hostel, the one I'd chosen just because it was the only one with wifi, watching the roly-poly Patagonian proprietor inspect some still thrashing Salmon whilst wearing a well-loved apron and what … Continue reading Visiting Caleta Tortel – Politics on Stilts

Walking The Line of Piracy

The imaginary line which divides our planet in half is between our two poles, is approximately 40,075km long (some 78% of which is ocean), passes through 11 countries and is represented as 0°0'N. Facts galore. But is visiting the equator fun? Yes... yes it is! Ecuador is one of the 11 countries which straddles the … Continue reading Walking The Line of Piracy

The Mission – Paraguay’s Jesuit Ruins

Paraguay is a country often skipped off a South American adventure. People go to Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina but always skip tiny Paraguay. I nearly did the same thing but since I had a short period of time to get from La Paz in Bolivia down to Sao Paolo for a flight, I decided to … Continue reading The Mission – Paraguay’s Jesuit Ruins

Quilotoa Crater – A Wobbly Walk

One of the most beautiful places I visited in Ecuador was Quilotoa. A tiny village with a small population consisting mainly of farmers and a few people working in tourism. Quilotoa has a few B&B's and a few little shops flogging alpaca gear but that's about it! Incredibly cold (at least it was in June … Continue reading Quilotoa Crater – A Wobbly Walk

Getting Wet in Baños – The Adventure Capital of Ecuador

Everyone who visits Baños seems to be a serious adrenaline junkie - and they love it! You couldn't really call me an adrenaline junkie… I mean, I like outdoorsy stuff - I love skiing and horseriding and I did once try out the Olympic Bob Sleigh run at Salt Lake City! BUT, I do not … Continue reading Getting Wet in Baños – The Adventure Capital of Ecuador

Mesmerising Mindo: 5 Top Things To Do

Mindo is one of those places that hardly anyone seems to visit. Ecuador already seems to suffer from tourists skipping it and travelling directly between Columbia and Peru but those that do make it to Ecuador can’t seem to be bothered to visit teeny tiny little Mindo. But, whilst the other tourists are out chasing … Continue reading Mesmerising Mindo: 5 Top Things To Do

How-To do Machu Picchu on the Semi-Cheap

Machu Picchu is amazing. You really can't argue with that. It is this of course which makes it so expensive. If you want to see Machu Picchu but don't want to spend much outside of the entrance fee, here is my suggestion of what to do and how to do it: Buy a return minibus … Continue reading How-To do Machu Picchu on the Semi-Cheap

Exploring Otavalo Market

Everyone travelling around South America ends up with alpaca wool jumpers with crazy llama patterns all over. You can spot a tourist a mile off with these kind of souvenirs but I don't think that is all bad - I mean, they're pretty cool. For a start, South America is way colder than I thought … Continue reading Exploring Otavalo Market

The Galapagos in Pictures – Part 2

I posted some photos from my trip to the Galapagos a few days ago but I've got a few more to show off. They say pictures speak 1000 words...

The Galapagos In Pictures – Part 1

The Galapagos Islands are too pretty not to share some more photos from my recent trip. You'll find more animal photos as well as a guide on how to book your trip in a couple of recent posts. I'm not a professional but I love taking photos and I am trying to improve my skills … Continue reading The Galapagos In Pictures – Part 1