A Guide to East London Markets

One of the cheapest (could be free) and nicest things to do on a weekend in London is to visit one of its many markets. Whether you're a local looking for some decent sausages, a bunch of flowers and a new spot to meet friends or a tourist looking to see what London is really … Continue reading A Guide to East London Markets

Five Fabulous Things To Do in Fes

Fès or Fez is the second largest city in Morocco and was the capital city from the 13th/14th century until 1912 when Rabat took over the title. I've put together a list of 5 things that make Fes fabulous (and better than Marrakesh) in my opinion. For more ideas, and more of the useful but boring … Continue reading Five Fabulous Things To Do in Fes

Exploring Otavalo Market

Everyone travelling around South America ends up with alpaca wool jumpers with crazy llama patterns all over. You can spot a tourist a mile off with these kind of souvenirs but I don't think that is all bad - I mean, they're pretty cool. For a start, South America is way colder than I thought … Continue reading Exploring Otavalo Market